Why You Should Avoid Buying Cheap Solar Panels in Canberra

Dec 21, 2021

Cutting costs on necessary consumer products like solar panels is hardly beneficial. Instead, it can cost you even more in the long run. Solar panels are a long-term investment, with higher quality panels performing better over time.

So it’s a bad idea to risk poor lifetime performance and potential repairs to save a few hundred dollars upfront.

Do you know why the majority of people in Canberra are moving towards solar panels even when they have stable electricity? Primarily because they want to save money on their electricity bills. And buying cheap solar panels to achieve this goal is a bad idea.

When it comes to local installers of cheap solar panels in Canberra, many consumers think they are saving money. But the truth is they are falling into a trap. Safety issues, lousy installation and poor-quality solar panels are all problems that are synonymous with cheap panels.

Keep reading to find out why you should avoid the trap of cheap solar panels.

Why Buying Cheap Solar Panels in Canberra Will Cost You More

In general, solar panel installations have become more affordable for homeowners in the past few years. However, some companies provide fantastic deals that undercut their competition significantly.

Some offers will entice you with their low prices but in reality, the cheapest deal is hardly the best.

The main issues with cheap solar panels are:

No # 1 ⇒ Cheap Solar Panels Do Not Come With Warranties

Before making any big buying decision, we as consumers, tend to ask for warranties. Unfortunately, cheap solar systems usually don’t come with any consumer protections in place.
And if any such company does offer a warranty, they tend to provide it only for a very short period. Often, these companies also use strategies to avoid covering warranties or replacing customer products.

So whenever you think about purchasing solar panels, always ask for the retailer and manufacturer warranty card.

Look for the minimum warranty of about five years and make sure to find out how often they honour their warranties.

No # 2 ⇒ Cheap Solar Panels are Low Quality

If you are buying a solar panel system at a cheap price, it’s very likely that the manufacturer has used low-quality material to build it.

You might think that you have made a wise investment buying a low-priced system but when you start facing issues with the inverter, battery and other components, you will realise that it was a bad idea.

And the constant need for repairs means that you will have to fork out extra money to keep your system running.

Solar panels with a cheap price often have inferior quality materials and installation. If you go for cheap solar panels, you will surely experience poor output and durability issues.

No # 3 ⇒ The Installation of Cheap Solar Panels Will be Substandard

Do you really expect high-quality installation at a cheap price? It’s absurd, right?

Remember if the price of installing a solar system is significantly lower than the competition, the company is likely cutting corners.

Installations of solar panels can only be done perfectly by seasoned professionals who demand high fees for their talent and experience. But when the installation cost is cheap, it shows either a lack of experience or rushed work.

Issues in installations mean that you will have to pay extra money to repair it down the road.

So make sure to say no to poor quality installations and find a legit company consisting of solar system experts.

No # 4 ⇒ Untrustworthy Companies Sell Cheap Solar Panels

Some solar panel companies in Canberra offer a low price to attract buyers. And customers do fall into this trap as they think they are saving money. But in reality, they are actually compromising on the quality.

Since the general public doesn’t have sufficient knowledge of solar panels, they end up falling for cheap systems. It’s difficult to understand solar systems. There is a lot of information and technical aspects that are unheard of for the general public. So it’s fair to say that understanding them could be overwhelming. And that is where companies trick buyers with cheap prices.

Companies who provide cheap solar panels will often praise the performance of their solar panels but will never provide any solid guarantees for long-term performance. So before finalising your purchase, make sure to ask about everything in advance and compare them to other providers.
Final Thoughts

It is a harsh reality that cheap solar systems are seldom efficient or durable. This means that you will not save money because you will have to pay for repairs or the system itself won’t generate enough electricity. So it will be a lose-lose situation for you.

Quality is of utmost importance, not only for your mental peace but also when we talk about the ROI(return on investment).

When choosing your solar panel provider in Canberra, ensure that the advisors, installers and designers take important aspects into consideration like your roof angle, energy, sunlight, etc.

We understand that installing solar panels is not a simple decision to make. But the most efficient way is to evaluate all your available options first. And now that you know about the dangers of cheap solar panels, you can ask the right questions without falling into the trap of significant discounts.

When it comes to solar panels, you need a professional electrician or industry expert who can explain and advise you on which solar system is the best for you. Not only that but professional installation is also a must.

Here at Select Electrical Online, we’ll ensure the installation of high-quality solar panels in Canberra. We have a seasoned team of electricians who can ensure a hassle-free experience.

Contact us today with any questions you have regarding solar panels in Canberra and we’ll answer them for you.

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