Why You Need Solar Batteries in Canberra as Part of Your Solar Energy Setup

Mar 21, 2024

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Solar power has become increasingly popular in Canberra and across Australia. We have the perfect climate, with plenty of sunshine and many Australians are aware of the effects of climate change and the impact of using fossil fuels to generate electricity and are keen to do their bit to help the environment.

While people have been installing solar panels for many years, solar batteries have only become reliable and more affordable in recent years. This breakthrough means more people are installing solar batteries as part of their home, or business, solar system.

In this article, we will examine the benefits of solar power and explain how solar panels and solar batteries work. We’ll finish with a look at some of the reasons Select Electrical should be your solar installer of choice, in Canberra.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

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There are two major benefits of solar energy:

  • Cost-effectiveness
    Your solar energy system will eventually pay for itself. The costs of purchasing the hardware (panels, battery, etc) will be offset by your reduced dependence on mainstream electricity suppliers.
    You will reach the day when your costs have all been covered and your electricity is free!
  • The environment
    The dependence on coal and oil-powered electricity stations has had a knock-on effect on the environment, and the use of fossil fuels to generate power is seen as a contributor to climate change. By harnessing the sun’s power, you are helping future generations enjoy a better environment.

What Is a Private Solar System?

A solar system allows you to generate your own electrical power using energy from the sun.

The main components of a complete solar system include:

  • Solar panels
    The visible part of a solar system. Solar panels use sunlight to generate direct current (DC) electrical energy.
  • An inverter
    Most appliances in our homes can’t operate using DC. An inverter converts direct current to alternating current (AC) enabling us to use the power to run our lighting, air-conditioning and all the other electrical appliances in the modern home.
  • Solar batteries
    These complete your solar setup. Solar batteries, or “solar energy storage batteries” store the power generated by your solar panels. This means, when the system isn’t generating power, on a cloudy day or at night, for instance, electrical appliances can still be used.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

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We have all noticed solar panels, often on the roof of a building or in an open space where they receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert sunlight into direct current electrical power.

Why Do I Need to Install Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are a key component of a modern home or commercial solar system. Previously, any excess electricity generated by solar panels was often returned to the main electrical grid and may have been purchased by the local electricity provider.

When you have solar batteries, excess electricity is stored in the batteries and can be used overnight or when you have a high demand for power and when your solar panels are not generating any power.

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

Solar panel batteries

Solar batteries work the same way as other power cells, storing electrical energy until it is needed. They have transformed our ability to optimise the use of our own energy. They offer many benefits, including

  • Independence from your electricity provider
    By storing electrical power we have generated ourselves, we are far less reliant on the electrical grid. When our neighbours suffer power outages, we don’t!
  • Make the most of self-consumption
    Solar batteries help us to maximise self-consumption of the electricity generated by our solar panels. Instead of exporting excess power to the grid, we can use it ourselves when we need it.
  • Maximise payments from the grid suppliers
    If you find you have excess power and want to sell it back to the grid, you can program your solar batteries to discharge power during peak rate periods to get the best returns for your power.
  • A cleaner planet!
    Your solar batteries, as a part of your solar power system, reduce your dependence on electricity generated using fossil fuels and contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases.

What solar rebates are available in Canberra?

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The ACT government offers interest-free loans to eligible homeowners to cover the costs of purchasing and installing renewable energy solutions for your home.

Why You Should Choose Select Electrical for Your Solar Battery Installation

At Select Electrical and Solar Solutions Pty Ltd, we deliver safe, clean, renewable power to our clients in and around Canberra. Our founder had a vision to provide the best electrical services with a focus on the customer. Our team provides top-quality solutions, tailored to your particular needs with a focus on friendly, reliable, professional service.

We respect and care for every member of our team, and we have fun while we work. This means you have experienced, friendly, electrical professionals working on your site, dedicated to providing the best possible products and service for you.

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