How Solar Panels in Canberra Make Your Life Better

Jan 28, 2022

Sun energy is an eco-friendly and long-term power source that produces no harmful carbon dioxide or other contaminants. Installing solar panels in Canberra is a safe and straightforward way to contribute to sustainable development.

You’ve technically achieved energy independence once you get your solar panel installation in Canberra—especially if you’ve added solar battery storage systems to store electricity for later use. This option is great if you use a lot of electricity at night.

That’s not all, though. Here are the best reasons to get your solar panels installed today.
Solar energy is beneficial to the ecosystem
It is an original, environmentally friendly source of electricity. It produces no greenhouse gases and is the most productive method to cut down your carbon footprint. Moreover, it requires no extra resources besides your solar panel system.
Solar energy allows you to go off-grid in your home
Traditional energy generation relies heavily on coal and natural gas. These are limited resources and toxic to the environment. Their scarcity also leads to fluctuating energy costs that will continuously rise over time.

Instead, you can protect yourself from unpredictable spikes in utility bills and enjoy affordable electricity throughout the day by investing in solar panels.
Solar panels are perfect for unused space
You can make use of spare land and other unused space to generate enormous value with solar power. As a result, you’ll maximise the area you own while reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills.
Get maximum energy with solar energy
Electricity is transferred across long distances from facilities to end-users. Unfortunately, this long-distance transmission results in power losses. Instead of this wastage, you can take advantage of solar energy that only has to travel a short distance.

Since the distance the power has to travel is so short it improves efficiency which reduces wastage.

Your energy becomes domestic, and you are in charge of your bills and energy usage as a result. Furthermore, solar power reduces the likelihood of service disruptions.
Choosing the right solar panel installer in Canberra
The next step is to decide that a solar panel is the right energy source for you. It’s time to find local installers of solar panels in Canberra and a system that meets your needs.

You want to know that the installer you choose is a trustworthy firm with a proven track record. They should also have the right licenses and certifications needed in Canberra and the experience to create the ideal solar energy system for you.

Fortunately, you have us at Select Electrical to take care of all your solar panel needs. We’ll work with you to acknowledge your requirements and how solar fits into your overall energy strategy. In addition, you’ll receive a consultative and professional solar experience.
Choosing the right solar panels in Canberra
When choosing solar panels in Canberra, there are many factors that you should consider. These include the cost, quality, size and more.

Let’s look at each factor in detail.
Getting numerous estimates and comparing how different businesses would install the equipment, the utility cost reductions, and the warranties offered can save you thousands of dollars.

Several factors control the price of a solar panel:

● Dimensions (in Watts)
● Physical dimensions
● Certifications for material quality, durability and warranty period
This factor primarily analyses how the solar panel is made and the quality of the materials used in its construction.

When choosing the best solar panels for your home, it’s a good idea to look into the company’s history and reviews to see what other people have had to say.

Because this is such a large purchase. It is critical to research and check if previous customers were satisfied with the product and customer service.
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency relates to how much of the light that the panel receives is turned into electrical energy and how much electricity you will get in the end. The concept is simple: the more efficient, the better, and thus the more costly.

Also, selecting the most extensive and most efficient solar panel isn’t necessarily the best option. Therefore, it’s critical to examine your needs thoroughly and determine the solar panels for your home that are best suited to your requirements.
You need to have adequate space to install the system and it needs to be large enough to power all of your appliances efficiently. Generally, the higher wattage the larger the panel.

When considering the size of your panels, you should take into account:

● Physical dimensions
● The wattage capacity
It is the indicator of the manufacturer’s faith in its products. For example, solar panels usually have an extended warranty duration (as long as the company operates). If there is no extended warranty period, assume that the product isn’t very excellent and that the manufacturer is unwilling to take responsibility.
Solar Panels
There are various types of solar panels on the market, each with its own pros and cons. However, there are three primary types that you will choose from:

● Monocrystalline Cells: These cells have high efficiency, good heat tolerance, and are smaller in size relative to their output when compared with other panels.

● Polycrystalline Solar Cells: Polycrystalline cells are less expensive than monocrystalline ones. However, they are less efficient which may even out the price differences over time.

● Amorphous or Thin-Film Cells: These cells are one of the most common solar options due to their cheap price. Amorphous cells have a wide range of applications but are less efficient than their counterparts.
Choose clean energy today
In general, the sun produces significantly more energy than we will ever use. The most significant benefit is a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source.

But where should you get your solar panels in Canberra?

Look no further than Select Electrical.

We are an Approved Solar Retailer, Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer and your go-to local solar panel installers in Canberra.

Our team of experts has installed excellent solar power solutions to numerous homes and businesses. In addition, we strive tirelessly to guarantee that you receive quality customer service whenever you reach out to us.

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