8.7kW Solar Installation in Kambah ACT

Jun 10, 2023

Customer Background:

In 2019, the customer enlisted the services of Select Electrical for an 8.7kW SolarEdge system, demonstrating their commitment to adopting clean and sustainable energy solutions.

Installation Overview:

- Panels: 29 x SolarEdge PV300-60MMJ

- Inverter: 1 x Single Phase SolarEdge SE8000H

Installation Experience:

The installation process was flawlessly executed, providing the customer with a reliable and efficient solar system to meet their energy needs.

Customer Satisfaction:

The customer expressed complete satisfaction with the solar installation provided by Select Electrical. The company’s responsiveness and commitment to customer service left a positive impression on the customer.

System Performance:

Since the installation, the SolarEdge system has consistently performed without any issues, demonstrating its reliability and efficiency in generating clean electricity.


The 8.7kW SolarEdge installation by Select Electrical has been a resounding success, providing the customer with a reliable and high-performing solar system. The prompt and accurate response to any follow-up inquiries reflects the company’s dedication to delivering exceptional customer service. The customer’s experience further solidifies Select Electrical’s reputation as a trusted provider of solar solutions, contributing to the growth of clean energy adoption.

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