75kW Solar Install and LED Lighting Upgrade at RAR Cranes

May 30, 2023

Customer Background:

RAR Cranes, a local business in Canberra, collaborated with Select Electrical for a substantial commercial solar installation project. The installation of a 75kW solar system, comprising 227 x 330w panels, exemplifies RAR Cranes’ commitment to sustainable energy practices.

Installation Overview:

- Solar Panel: 227 x 330w Panels

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical collaborated with RAR Cranes, contributing to the local business ecosystem in Canberra. The installation project included not only the solar system but also a comprehensive LED lighting upgrade, showcasing Select Electrical’s ability to provide holistic energy solutions.

Customer Satisfaction:

RAR Cranes benefited from Select Electrical’s expertise and commitment to local business growth. The integrated solar and LED lighting solutions reflect RAR Cranes’ proactive approach towards long-term energy efficiency and cost reduction.

System Performance:

The installed 75kW solar system significantly contributes to RAR Cranes’ energy needs and reduces their environmental footprint. The 227 x 330w panels are designed for optimal energy production, ensuring efficient utilisation of solar resources.


The installation of the 75kW solar system at RAR Cranes underscores Select Electrical’s role in fostering local business collaborations in Canberra. The joint efforts between Select Electrical and RAR Cranes emphasise their shared dedication to energy efficiency and sustainability. The integrated solar and LED lighting upgrade showcases Select Electrical’s ability to provide comprehensive energy solutions, ensuring the customer’s long-term energy savings and environmental impact. By supporting local businesses in their transition to cleaner energy sources, Select Electrical contributes to a greener and more prosperous community in Canberra.

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