477kW Solar Install at Goodwin Home Ainslie

Aug 9, 2023

Customer Background:

The Goodwin Home in Ainslie, dedicated to providing quality living for senior citizens, collaborated with Select Electrical for a substantial commercial solar installation project. The completion of a 477kW solar system, involving a joint effort with other local companies, demonstrates Goodwin Home’s commitment to sustainable and comfortable living for their residents.

Installation Overview:

- Solar Panel: 1,423 x 335w Panels

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical played a pivotal role in the successful installation of the 477kW solar system at Goodwin Home in Ainslie. The joint installation effort with other local companies aimed to minimise disturbances for the retirement village residents while showcasing the community’s dedication to clean energy adoption.

Collaborative Approach:

The joint installation exemplified the community’s collaborative spirit, emphasising the shared commitment of local companies to the well-being and comfort of the senior citizens residing in the retirement village.

Community Impact:

The completed 477kW solar installation significantly contributes to the retirement village’s energy needs, ensuring a more sustainable and energy-efficient living environment for the senior citizens. The reduction in energy costs will particularly benefit the residents during the colder months when heaters are in use.


The successful installation of the 477kW solar system at Goodwin Home in Ainslie highlights Select Electrical’s role in delivering substantial commercial renewable energy projects. The collaborative approach with other local companies underscores the community’s commitment to the comfort and well-being of their senior citizens. The installation not only demonstrates the retirement village’s dedication to sustainability but also showcases how local companies can come together to create a positive impact on the community. By supporting Goodwin Home’s transition to cleaner energy sources, Select Electrical contributes to the retirement village’s operational efficiency and enhances the quality of life for its residents, ensuring their comfort and energy security.

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