40kW Solar Install at Bosnian Embassy

Jun 20, 2023

Customer Background:

The Bosnian Embassy, representing a sovereign nation, collaborated with Select Electrical for a significant renewable energy project. The installation of a 40kW solar system, featuring 145 x 275w panels, highlights the embassy’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Installation Overview:

- Solar Panel: 145 x 275w Panels

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical undertook the solar installation project atop the Bosnian Embassy, signifying the company’s engagement with international organisations. The skilled team ensured the precise placement and secure installation of the panels to maximise solar energy utilisation.

Customer Satisfaction:

The Bosnian Embassy benefited from Select Electrical’s expertise, underscoring the company’s ability to collaborate with international entities. The successful installation reflects the embassy’s dedication to adopting clean energy solutions.

System Performance:

The installed 40kW solar system significantly contributes to the Bosnian Embassy’s energy requirements while demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility. The integration of 145 x 275w panels ensures efficient energy conversion, furthering the embassy’s sustainable practices.


The installation of the 40kW solar system at the Bosnian Embassy emphasises Select Electrical’s capability to cater to the energy needs of international organisations. The collaboration between the embassy and Select Electrical underscores both parties’ shared commitment to environmental stewardship. The seamless installation of the solar system reflects Select Electrical’s dedication to delivering effective renewable energy solutions. By working with international bodies, Select Electrical contributes to the global shift towards sustainable energy adoption, promoting a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

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