4.8kW Solar Installation in Chifley ACT

Jan 5, 2023

Customer Background:

A customer researched and chose Select Solar and Electrical for a 4.8kW SolarEdge system due to the brand’s reputable inverters and panels, despite a slightly higher cost compared to other quotes.

Installation Overview:

- Panels: 16 x SolarEdge PV300-60MMJ

- Inverter: 1 x SolarEdge Single Phase 5kW Inverter SE5000H

Installation Experience:

The one-day installation in September 2019 went smoothly, with strategic panel placement for optimal sunlight exposure.

Customer Satisfaction:

The customer was pleased with the SolarEdge system’s outstanding performance and the swift resolution of minor issues that were raised.

System Performance:

The SolarEdge system resulted in credits on 11 of 14 electricity bills received, significantly reducing reliance on the grid. Minimal payments were required on the other three invoices.


The 4.8kW SolarEdge installation provided by Select Solar and Electrical delivered excellent performance, cost savings, and overall customer satisfaction.

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