29.67kW Solar Installation at Forensic Medical Centre

Aug 11, 2023

Customer Background:

The Forensic Medical Centre, firmly committed to sustainable practices, engaged the services of Select Electrical to realise their dedication to renewable energy. This commercial solar installation exemplifies their collaboration with the ACT Government in advancing sustainability initiatives.

Installation Overview:

- Solar System: 69 x TSM-430NEG9R.28 panels

- Inverter: 1 x Fronius Tauro ECO 50-3-D

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical executed the installation of the 29.67kW solar system with precision, ensuring optimal panel positioning to maximise solar energy absorption.

Customer Satisfaction:

The Forensic Medical Centre expressed pride in their association with Select Electrical, emphasising their commitment to sustainability. The seamless installation process underscored Select Electrical’s dedication to advancing renewable energy solutions.

System Performance:

The installed 29.67kW solar system effectively converts sunlight into electricity, addressing the Forensic Medical Centre’s energy needs while reducing their carbon footprint. The Fronius Tauro ECO inverter optimises energy conversion, ensuring efficient system operation.


The successful installation of the 29.67kW solar system at the Forensic Medical Centre showcases Select Electrical’s expertise in delivering large-scale renewable energy solutions. The collaboration between the Centre and Select Electrical demonstrates their shared dedication to sustainability and clean energy adoption. The seamless installation process and system performance highlight Select Electrical’s commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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