20kW AC Installation in Kaleen ACT

Nov 21, 2023

Customer Background:

The customer sought optimal indoor comfort and engaged with Select Electrical for a sophisticated air conditioning solution. The project aimed to provide efficient cooling and heating across various zones within their residence.

Installation Overview:

- Air Conditioning Unit: 20kW Daikin 3 Phase Ducted Unit

- Zone 1: Master Bedroom and Bedroom 4

- Zone 2: Kitchen and Family Room

- Zone 3: Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 3

- Zone 4: Living Room, Dining Room, and Rumpus Room

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical expertly installed the 20kW Daikin 3 Phase Ducted Air Conditioning Unit, ensuring precise ductwork and unit placement to optimise cooling and heating efficiency in each zone.

Customer Satisfaction:

The customer expressed their satisfaction with the air conditioning installation, highlighting the professionalism of the Select Electrical team and the dedication to ensuring complete customer comfort.

System Performance:

With the 20kW Daikin 3 Phase Ducted Air Conditioning Unit installed, the customer now benefits from efficient cooling and heating across multiple zones in their residence. The zoning system ensures personalised climate control and energy efficiency, enhancing the overall indoor living experience.


The successful installation of the 20kW Daikin 3 Phase Ducted Air Conditioning Unit by Select Electrical reflects their expertise in delivering superior indoor comfort solutions. The multi-zone configuration underscores their proficiency in optimising cooling and heating for specific areas within a residence. The customer's satisfaction with the installation process and the system's performance reaffirms Select Electrical's reputation as a reliable provider of efficient air conditioning services. By providing optimal indoor comfort, Select Electrical contributes to creating comfortable living spaces for customers, enhancing their quality of life.

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