19.89kW Solar Installation in Casey ACT

Jul 25, 2023

Customer Background:

The homeowner reached out to Select Electrical to bring solar energy into their home, driven by a commitment to sustainability and reducing reliance on traditional power sources. This laid the foundation for their 19.89kW solar project.

Installation Overview:

- Panel Information: 51 X Hyundai Energy HiE-S390VG (390w) All Black Package

- Inverter Information: 1 X SolarEdge SE5K-AU 3 Phase, 1 x SolarEdge SE10K-AUB 3 Phase Resi

- Optimiser: 51 x SolarEdge P401

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical navigated various aspects during the installation, ensuring meticulous placement and connection of 51 high-efficiency Hyundai Energy panels. The implementation of SolarEdge inverters and optimisers required careful coordination to optimise energy capture. The complexity of the 3-phase residential inverter (SE10K-AUB) demanded precise configuration, showcasing Select Electrical's adaptability and technical prowess.

Customer Satisfaction:

The homeowner expressed satisfaction with the installation process, commending Select Electrical for their expertise. The seamless integration of high-performance solar components and the team's proficiency in overcoming technical challenges contributed to a positive customer experience.

System Performance:

The SolarEdge system, with its optimisers and advanced inverters, enhances overall system performance. The optimisers ensure each panel operates at its maximum potential, mitigating shading or performance discrepancies. The SolarEdge monitoring system provides real-time insights into energy production, empowering the homeowner to track and optimize their solar investment effectively.


The successful completion of the 19.89kW solar installation by Select Electrical underscores their capabilities in delivering high-performance solar solutions. The choice of Hyundai Energy panels, coupled with SolarEdge inverters and optimisers, showcases a commitment to quality and efficiency. The positive customer experience and enhanced system performance affirm the value of Select Electrical's expertise in renewable energy solutions. This installation not only contributes to the homeowner's sustainable energy goals but also stands as a testament to Select Electrical's dedication to providing cutting-edge solar solutions.

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