177kW Solar Install at Stromlo Highschool

Mar 4, 2023

Customer Background:

Stromlo High School, committed to sustainability and education, partnered with Select Electrical for a significant commercial solar installation project. The successful installation of a 177kW solar system, featuring 432 x SunPower P-19 410W panels, reflects the school’s dedication to renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

Installation Overview:

- Solar Panel: 432 x SunPower P-19 410W panels

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical played a crucial role in delivering the 177kW solar installation at Stromlo High School. The team’s efforts were focused on ensuring minimal disturbance to the school’s operations while successfully implementing the solar system.

Educational Impact:

The installation at Stromlo High School not only contributes to its energy needs but also serves as an educational tool for students to learn about renewable energy, sustainability, and the benefits of solar power.

Community Engagement:

By embracing clean energy and showcasing the successful solar installation, Stromlo High School engages the community and fosters awareness about sustainable practices.


The successful installation of the 177kW solar system at Stromlo High School underscores Select Electrical’s expertise in delivering renewable energy solutions to educational institutions. The school’s dedication to sustainability aligns with Select Electrical’s mission to promote clean energy adoption. The installation not only contributes to the school’s energy needs but also empowers students with hands-on learning about renewable energy technologies. Stromlo High School’s commitment to renewable energy reflects its responsibility to the environment and the broader community, demonstrating the school’s role as a leader in sustainable education. By supporting Stromlo High School’s transition to cleaner energy sources, Select Electrical contributes to the school’s operational efficiency and provides students with a valuable opportunity to engage with sustainable technologies.

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