150kW Solar Install at CSIRO

Feb 1, 2023

Customer Background:

CSIRO, a pioneer in scientific research and innovation, collaborated with Select Electrical for a substantial renewable energy project. The installation of a 150kW solar system, consisting of 454 x 330w panels, reflects CSIRO’s commitment to sustainability and clean energy solutions.

Installation Overview:

- Solar Panel: 454 x 330w Panels

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical worked closely with CSIRO at their North Science Road location. The project involved early mornings and late nights to adhere to a challenging timeline. The dedicated team completed the installation in just six days, showcasing their commitment to delivering exceptional results under tight schedules.

Customer Satisfaction:

CSIRO’s experience with Select Electrical underlines their expertise and dedication. The efficient and timely completion of the project demonstrated Select Electrical’s capability to handle complex installations while adhering to demanding schedules.

System Performance:

The installed 150kW solar system significantly contributes to CSIRO's energy needs while aligning with their sustainability goals. The integration of 454 x 330w panels ensures optimum energy production, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources.

Connection and Completion:

The successful connection of the solar system was accomplished in collaboration with Evoenergy, ensuring seamless integration with the local energy grid.


The installation of the 150kW solar system at CSIRO’s North Science Road location stands as a testament to Select Electrical’s expertise in delivering large-scale renewable energy solutions. The collaborative efforts between CSIRO and Select Electrical demonstrate a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation. The completion of the project within a short timeframe underscores Select Electrical’s dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The successful integration of the solar system with Evoenergy’s infrastructure ensures the efficient operation of the installation, contributing to CSIRO’s pursuit of sustainable and energy-efficient practices.

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