14kW AC Installation in Kambah ACT

Apr 7, 2023

Customer Background:

The customer aimed to elevate indoor comfort and modernise their cooling system. Partnering with Select Electrical, they sought the installation of a 14kW Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Single Phase Ducted Air Conditioning System. The removal of an existing gas ducted system indicated the customer’s pursuit of energy-efficient and advanced climate control.

Installation Overview:

- Air Conditioning System: 14kW Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Single Phase Ducted

- Existing System Replacement: Removal of an existing gas ducted system

- Zone 1: Master Bedroom

- Zone 2: Two other bedrooms

- Zone 3: Lounge, Living, and Kitchen

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical seamlessly executed the installation, aligning with the customer’s vision of upgraded cooling. The removal of the existing gas ducted system was meticulously undertaken, ensuring a smooth transition to the modern Mitsubishi Heavy Industry solution.

Customer Satisfaction:

The customer voiced their contentment with the installation process, lauding Select Electrical’s competence in delivering tailored air conditioning solutions. The replacement of the outdated system signaled a significant step towards enhanced energy efficiency and improved indoor comfort.

System Performance:

The 14kW Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Single Phase Ducted Air Conditioning System now provides effective climate control in each of the three designated zones. The removal of the gas ducted system, in favor of this modern solution, aligns with the customer’s commitment to sustainable and up-to-date technology.


The successful installation of the 14kW Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Ducted Air Conditioning System by Select Electrical underscores their expertise in offering tailored indoor comfort solutions. The customer's choice to replace the existing gas ducted system exemplifies their dedication to embracing modern, energy-efficient solutions. The zoning strategy guarantees customised climate management, aligning with the customer's individual needs. By delivering optimal indoor comfort, Select Electrical contributes to the customer's overall quality of life and energy conservation objectives.

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