12.8kW Solar and Battery with 16kW AC Installation in Stirling ACT

Sep 1, 2023

Customer Background:

The customer approached Select Electrical with a vision to embrace sustainability and energy efficiency fully. They sought a comprehensive renewable energy solution, including a 13.2kw solar system, a 12.8kw battery, and a 16kW Daikin Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning (A/C) system.

Installation Overview:

- Solar Panel: 33 X Hyundai Energy HiE-S400VG Solar

- Inverter: 1 X Sungrow 10kW SH10RT

- Battery: 1 X Sungrow 12.8kW SBR128

- Air Conditioning: 16kW Daikin Reverse Cycle A/C

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical executed the complex project with utmost proficiency, ensuring seamless integration of the solar, battery, and air conditioning systems. The installation team’s expertise resulted in a successful and efficient installation process.

Customer Satisfaction:

The customer was delighted with the outstanding service provided by Select Electrical. The professional, courteous, and skilled team made the entire installation experience pleasant and stress-free.

System Performance:

With the advanced Hyundai Energy panels and Sungrow inverter, the solar system maximises energy production, substantially reducing reliance on the grid. The Sungrow battery enhances energy storage and utilisation, providing backup power during peak demand periods. Additionally, the Daikin Reverse Cycle A/C system ensures optimal indoor climate control with energy-efficient heating and cooling options.


The successful installation of the comprehensive renewable energy and air conditioning system by Select Electrical reflects their expertise in delivering cutting-edge energy solutions. By seamlessly integrating the solar panels, inverter, battery, and air conditioning system, the customer now enjoys reduced energy costs and an environmentally conscious lifestyle. The commendation of Select Electrical’s professionalism and quality products reinforces their reputation as a reliable and customer-centric service provider. The customer’s satisfaction and enthusiasm to recommend their services validate Select Electrical’s commitment to delivering excellence in sustainable energy solutions and air conditioning services.

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