10.3kW Battery Installation in Monash ACT

May 14, 2023

Customer Background:

The customer sought a cost-effective energy solution and engaged with Select Electrical to install an ESS Smile5 system with the Smile-BAT-10.3P battery. Their goal was to reduce electricity bills and enhance energy efficiency.

Installation Overview:

- Battery: ESS Smile5 with Smile-BAT-10.3P

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical efficiently installed the ESS Smile5 system and Smile-BAT-10.3P battery, showcasing their proficiency in handling battery installations with utmost professionalism.

Customer Satisfaction:

The customer expressed high satisfaction with the installation process, praising Select Electrical’s quick response and efficient workmanship. The team’s professional approach left a positive impression on the customer.

System Performance:

The ESS Smile5 system with the Smile-BAT-10.3P battery successfully optimized energy usage, resulting in significantly lower electricity bills for the customer. The battery’s smart technology enhanced energy storage and distribution, providing a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution.


The successful installation of the ESS Smile5 with the Smile-BAT-10.3P battery by Select Electrical reflects their expertise in delivering efficient energy solutions. The customer’s reduced electricity bills proves the system’s performance and cost-effectiveness. Select Electrical’s quick, efficient, and professional service ensures customer satisfaction and contributes to their reputation as a reliable provider of battery installations. The seamless integration of the ESS Smile5 system further demonstrates their commitment to helping customers embrace clean and sustainable energy options, thereby promoting a greener future.

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