1.2MW Solar Installation at De Bortoli Wines

May 16, 2023

Customer Background:

Customer Background

Installation Overview:

- Solar Panel - 2263 x 510W Trina TSM-510DE18M

- Solar Inverter - 9 x 100kW Fronius , 4 x 50kW Fronius , 1 x 20kW Fronius

- Optimisers - 2263 x Tigo TS4-O Optimiser

Installation Experience:

Select Electrical navigated various challenges encountered during this installation, which included legacy solar issues from a prior 250kW installation, roof mold issues impacting solar panels, and considerations regarding roof structure integrity and purlin spacing in new builds. The complex scope of work involved multiple rail installations and intricate cable routing over a distance of 3.1km.

Customer Satisfaction:

The integration of Tigo optimisation and monitoring solutions, along with safety features, resonated with the customer’s vision of modern and efficient energy management.

System Performance:

The inclusion of Tigo optimisation and monitoring solutions significantly enhances the overall performance of the solar system. Optimisation enables precise tuning of individual panels, mitigating performance discrepancies. The monitoring capabilities empower proactive panel maintenance, including regular cleaning. Safety features such as rapid shutdown and PV off buttons instill confidence during both installation and servicing.


The successful completion of the 1.2MW solar system installation at De Bortoli Wines by Select Electrical underscores the company's proficiency in delivering large-scale renewable energy projects. De Bortoli Wines' unwavering commitment to sustainability and early adoption of innovative technologies aligns seamlessly with Select Electrical's mission to promote clean energy solutions. Despite the numerous installation challenges faced, Select Electrical's dedication ensured the realisation of an efficient and expansive solar system. By expanding their solar capacity, De Bortoli Wines not only reduces energy costs but also demonstrates their dedication to sustainable and environmentally responsible winemaking practices. Select Electrical plays a pivotal role in supporting their journey towards a greener and more energy-efficient future.

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