4 Key Components of an Off-grid Solar Panel Setup in Canberra

Mar 19, 2021

4 Key Components of an Off-grid Solar Panel Setup in Canberra

Solar power is fast gaining popularity as more people are investing in it. This is because people are more aware of the effects of their activities on the environment. We are now more determined to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that come from our day to day actions.

Solar power gives us an opportunity to reduce pollution and save money. This is because the higher costs of living have caused electricity bills to run high as well. This can cause a strain on your pocket causing you to feel the financial burden of digging deeper to pay bills.

Getting an off-grid solution can help you avoid dependence on power from the main grid. This means that you’ll have full control of the power that your home generates and uses. This is why you need good solar panels in Canberra.

Unfortunately, only a few people know so much about solar power. And, it’s human nature to fear the unknown, but in this case, you need to make an effort to understand. If you understand how off-grid solar power works, you can make the best choices on what to get.

So, to understand how off-grid solar panels in Canberra work, you need to know all the components that they need. These are the different items that together make up off-grid solar panel units. Below are some of the components that you need from your solar panel installation service in Canberra.

Solar Panels

These are the main components of an off-grid solar panel system, you can’t do without them. Solar panels are the component that transforms light energy into electricity. This energy is what you then use to power functions and electrical appliances. You can install solar panels on just about any roof in Canberra.

The number of solar panels that you have determines how much electricity you can generate. This number also depends on how much electricity you consume. So, if you are running a business that consumes a lot of power, you’ll need denser solar panel units to meet the demand.

You can determine the density of a solar panel by the number of modules that are packed into it. The more modules in a panel, the higher the total amount of energy it’ll produce. Select Electrical is a solar panel installation company in Canberra that can help you with this.

Solar Batteries

This is where you can store the electricity that the solar panels generate for later use. Solar batteries make it possible for you to use solar energy even when the sun is not shining.

An off-grid solar-powered system in Canberra without storage is counter-active at best. If you think about it, you consume more electricity in the evening or at night. This is when most people come back home from their daily hustles. This is why it’s important to have solar batteries to store some electricity for you to use even at night.

The same goes for an industrial off-grid setup. Have solar batteries make it possible to keep your equipment running even at night. This means that your production processes can continue running even at night. And, you won’t have to buy electricity from the main grid, saving you money in the long run.

Before you choose a solar battery for your off-grid system, you’ll need to check with the best installers of solar panels in Canberra. This way, you’ll only get a solar battery that can store as much electricity as your solar panels generate. A good solar panels installer in Canberra will also help you to match your batter of choice to your consumption.


So, your solar panels have generated electricity but you can’t use the electricity yet because you don’t have an inverter. Beats the point, right? An inverter is what converts electricity from the solar panels into electricity that you can use around the home.

Solar panels generate direct current, DC in short. But home appliances and equipment use alternating current, abbreviated as AC. A solar inverter is what translates the DC power from the solar panels into AC power for your utilities. So, it adds up that for your off-grid solar-powered system to be efficient, you must have an inverter in it.

This is another component that you can get from a reputable solar panel installer in Canberra. If you want your whole solar power set-up to run efficiently it’s important that you pay attention to quality. This is because you want a smooth and even flow of power from the solar panels or batteries to your appliances.

Charge Controllers

These are yet another important component in an off-grid solar set up. A charge controller handles the transfer of electricity from the solar panels into the solar battery. Without a charge controller, the solar batteries run a risk of overcharging. And this can be damaging to the battery, creating the need for expensive repairs. It could be worse; overcharging the solar battery can damage it completely.

The charge controller also prevents electricity from flowing back into the solar panels. This can happen in your set up, especially during the night and drain the battery of power. As a result, you’ll find yourself in the dark and this can be a huge inconvenience.

These are the four main components that you should have in your off-grid solar set up. Also, an off-grid solar set up will help you avoid the need for expensive connections to the national grid.

Where to get off-grid components


If you are looking for the best solar panels installers in Canberra then Select Electrical is the place for you. We have experience in providing high-quality solar panels in Canberra. Our team of professionals is available to help you understand what you need for your off-grid solar set up.

We have provided many homes and businesses with top solar power solutions. Our aim is to ensure that you get professional services from friendly people. Give us a call today and we’ll give you a free quote for your off-grid solar set up.

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